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Yes, there is a rulebook, and yes, we would prefer any and all new members to become acquainted with it. We aren't trying to squeeze every last drop of fun out of Elsewhere, but we do want the roleplay to be enjoyable and fair.

Below are just a few of the main rules that you should consider when interacting with others, be it IC or OOC.

1. Godmodders will be shot on sight.

Survivors will be shot again. Seriously, though. The worst situation a stoic roleplayer could ever find themselves in is being stuck with someone who continuously godmods. It makes interaction between characters awkward and frustrating and we'd rather not have it here, thank you very much.
For those of you who live under a rock and have no idea what I'm talking about, a godmodder is someone whose character(s) show an astounding lack of ability to miss their target or take a hit. A godmodder also enjoys trying to control the character with whom their own is interacting. For example:

*RaveZombie pushes Aziza and laughs as she falls on her ass.*
That would be considered a godmod, as Rave's player is controlling Aziza's reaction to the push. More examples of godmodding include:

*RaveZombie rushes at Aziza too fast for her to see and stabs her in the throat.*
This is actually a real example of a godmod I had posted to me recently and it made me angry. If your character is going to try and pull something like this, have them rush at their opponent but give the other character an opportunity to defend themselves.

*Aziza punches at Rave.*
*RaveZombie dodges and punches Aziza in the face.*
*Aziza staggers back before gathering herself and aiming another punch at Rave.*
*RaveZombie dodges again and kicks Aziza in the shin.*
And so on, and so forth. Aziza's reaction to Rave's punch is what we'd expect to happen, unless she'd only barely managed to avoid being hit. She takes a hit and she falters before collecting herself and striking again. Rave's consistent dodging of punches is godmodding, and the fact that she always lands her hits instead of attempting to hit Aziza is also godmodding.

Another form of godmodding is when a player gives their character abilities that were never present before (i.e. mentioned in a character sheet). For example:

*RaveZombie shoots balls of flame at Aziza.*
Because Rave has never shown any ability to be able to do this in the past, and because it doesn't specify anywhere in her character description that she has this ability, it's considered a godmod, something the player thought of on the spot as a way to gain an edge against an opponent.


*RaveZombie flexes her right hand, and a sword appears in her grasp.*
Because Rave has a strange and often volatile ability to summon objects from thin air, this wouldn't be considered a godmod, because it's simply a part of the character's skill set.

That's about it for godmodding. Remember, these examples don't only have to be limited to combat situations between characters; they can occur anywhere at any time in any situation. Think before you type, unless you want to be picking bullets from your teeth.

2. Crossing is not your friend.

For any roleplay to be in any way successful, a player must learn to distinguish between IC (in character) and OOC (out of character) situations. If you're posting as a character on an IC thread, don't break off and suddenly go on a huge spiel about what you did at school that day, unless you're describing your character's day at school. Characters don't want to hear about the lives of their players and we don't want to sit through people switching back and forth between IC and OOC. To make things nice and simple for you little people, we'll be splitting the boards into IC and OOC sections, so hopefully you won't get too confused.

In case you still don't get it, here are some examples.

*Aziza hugs Rave, kissing her cheek. "Hey sexy. How was your day?"*
*RaveZombie hugs back tightly, smiling. "Oh, it was okay. Uni was lame but it always is."*
The fact that my day at uni was lame has nothing at all to do with Rave. If Rave were to say something like this it would only cause Aziza to think that she'd gone off the deep end (and Rachel to beat me up for crossing).
*RaveZombie enters. "Hey, sorry I'm late, I couldn't get on because my computer was fucking up."*
Couldn't get on? Couldn't get on what, exactly? And what does a computer have to do with anything? This is possibly the most common form of crossing. When you're IC, you are the one sitting behind a computer screen, not your character. Your character is in an entirely different place where, usually, computers don't control whether he or she is able to get anywhere at any given time. (Unless your character is some form of technologically-controlled robot, in which case feel free to blame computers for your tardiness.)

It's plain and simple, really. Your life is your life; your character's life is something else entirely. Try not to confuse the two.

3. Flaming is for pyromaniacs, not roleplay.

Flaming (As defined by the Rachel English Dictionary(because the Dylan English Dictionary is outdated)): v. To verbally attack someone just because.
Let's face it. Nobody likes a bully. Or a loudmouth. Or an egotist. Or a combination of the three. If you have a beef with somebody deal with it in private; don't go around calling them names and mocking their sexual prowess for no reason. If you're feeling belligerent, go punch a wall and break your hand so that you can't vent here. We don't want sulks.

4. Trolls will be chained to the underside of the nearest bridge.

Trolling (As defined, again, by the Rachel English Dictionary(because the Dylan English Dictionary is still outdated)): v. To verbally abuse someone's personality, writing skills, characters, etc.
This relates to the previous rule. If you have a beef, take it up with the person in private or deal with it on your own, in your own time away from Elsewhere, because we don't want to hear about it and we'll throw you out if you can't keep your thoughts to yourself. Think of Elsewhere as a room full of blind, starved lions. You'll be fine as long as you don't start insulting them.

5. No mercy from the wicked.

Because this thread is compulsory reading, we will not accept ignorance as an excuse for anyone breaking any of these rules. We won't hesitate to ban you should you go against the rulebook, because we know that you're all good little minions and read through it very thoroughly, so any rule-breaking cannot be shrugged of with pleas of "oh but I didn't knooowwww!" If you don't know, then learn, because your life in Elsewhere is at stake.

Permanent bans will be slapped upon first-time offences for crossing or flaming/trolling. We can try to wean you off godmodding, but in the event that you insist on making your character a pain in the ass, you will be perma-banned.

Now, a word from the Head Bitch.

There are rules regarding your use of roleplay and the text that it contains. The fact that there is a good chance there will be minors on this site could be a huge problem. These rules are how we avoid potential problems.


1. Post on the correct board.

The description of the board is basically right in front of your face. Chances are if you're here to write roleplays and be an active member, then you can stand to read a little paragraph stating the purpose the board before you click on it. If you post in the wrong board, it will be moved to the appropriate one and you will be warned. If you do it three times, regardless of length between mistakes - because chances are the longer you're here the more acquainted with the site you'll become - then you will be banned permanently.

2. Know the difference.

There is a place to post X-Rated roleplays and that is where they should go. X-Rated as defined by is:

/ˈɛksˌreɪtɪd/ Show Spelled[eks-rey-tid] Show IPA
1. (of a motion picture) having a rating of X; intended for adults only.
2. obscene, sexually explicit, or vulgar: X-rated language; X-rated magazines.

The parts in bold are the parts you need to pay attention to. There is a special place for all your X-Rated antics to go, leave the rest of the board free of them so that peoples under the age of eighteen years old may enjoy the site.

I even know of some adults who don't like particularly X-Rated things, so please, just be considerate.

3. Obey Forumotion ToS & The Board Specific Rules

Forumotion ToS
The Rulebook
I cannot stress this enough: Ignorance will not be accepted as a viable excuse for member's actions. You are responsible for what you post and for where you post it. This board is created for entertainment purposes specific to those that like to roleplay, but that doesn't mean there won't be rules and consequences.

If changes are made to either The Rulebook or Regarding Roleplay Specifically rules, a mass PM will be sent out tell you of the change and you will be required to read the rules to get the update. The staff is that of volunteers, we are not your babysitters.

Consider yourself warned, and be sure to check back with the rules in the event that you are unsure whether you're running the risk of breaking the rules or not. If the rulebook doesn't clarify your concern, talk to a mod.

Love and kisses,

Head Bitch and Mister Sharp!